Xiaomi launched Mi VR Play 2 Headset for just $14

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new  Mi VR Play 2 virtual reality based headset. It seems that this virtual reality based headset is one of the low cost headset alltime. The Mi VR Play 2 costs 99 Chinese yuan, as compared it costs around just $14. The headset seems to be the next version Mi VR Play which was released last year. The second version of the headset seems to be priced so affordably as the previous version. It is unknown that the company has released the headset as before the actual release of duration one year from the previous version. The previous version was released on October last year. The Mi VR Play 2 is official and will be released by April 19.

As compared to its previous version the Mi VR Play 2 seems to be more interesting in design and much lighter than the previous model. It also has some extra features for cooling the model. The headset seems to be made out of new cloth -like material, which should make wearing it more comfortable. It has  “invisible” cooling holes for better air circulation around your face while you’re using it. Xiaomi says that it has also made easier to insert with smartphone. The device seems to be supported by most of latest version of smartphones. It seems that the device will give the best of the product form the company as in VR.

The new version of the headset seems to be a optional for the users who expect the great VR experience. The headset seems to be affordable and low cost, the users who would love to go with VR on low cost will have a better experience with this product. This seems to be a decent making from the manufacturer. As the company has not revealed officially about selling the product outside China, as it is expected soon.

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