Some leaked specifications of Xbox’s Project Scorpio

As of now the Digital Foundry detailed the information of Scorpio which seems to be anonymous. The information has to be considered as some important part. The Xbox head Phil Spencer has spoke on details of the Xbox project Scorpio and said that Xbox one was right and great. The Digital foundry has received some leaked information which was titled as “Reaching 4K and CPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices.” The paper was with Microsoft developers portal which was easy to show up as the real deal for  Digital Foundry

One of the most important information in white paper is that that Scorpio may not be a ‘true 4K console’ as it was said to be at E3 2016. Rather than it may be available with upscaling resolution as similar to PS4. The project Scorpio does not have  ESRAM as it is available in Xbox One, which is the feature that helped to mitigate for the lower speed DDR3 System RAM. Instead of ESRAM available in Xbox One the company denoted developers for better options. The company stated as “Because developers are not allowed to ship a Project Scorpio only SKU optimizing for ESRAM remains critical to performance on Microsoft platforms.” Which says that the games developed for Project Scorpio should run on Xbox One and other lower PC’s.

The leaked information also hints on some of the hardware specifications of the Project Scorpio which will have six teraflops GPU and 4x L2 Cache. Along with this it will also have Delta Color Compression (DCC) which was available in PS4. Microsoft discussed on the topic of upscaling environment for gaming which will have ha framerate of running graphics at 60Hz, but the CPU at 30Hz and interpolating animation. This indicates that the Jaguar Core which is available in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be featured in Project Scorpio.


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