WordPress gives out more options for sharing posts on Social Media

WordPress is slowly taking out the social media plugins slowly that users take up to share their posts. A new update was revealed from WordPress, you can schedule Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn updates through admin interface.  As previously WordPress had a feature of sharing posts on social media, though it seems very basic no. As there was an option that WordPress would let you to interconnect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The interlinking option makes the user to share the articles or posts directly on social media as when it is published. There wasn’t anyway to schedule a post or to share it multiple times.

WordPress revealed a new update, that it has introduced a new sharing section below each posts. This option seems to be available on admin interface. The user may manually share schedule posts as it is published. They can also preview their posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc., as how it appears to be. The new update seems to be an intermediary for the users to take up with sharing on social medias. Scheduling the posts makes a key feature if the user takes in account of sharing the posts on social media. The website also gives an option of scheduling multiple posts on time as published. The official page on Social media tends to be active from ongoing content.

WordPress provides this new feature on source. The user may not need to connect their Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn profile. They can eventually share their posts directly. The user may share their posts on all platforms at once directly from WordPress. The bigger blogs will have more powerful tools to take up with. This new update seems to be better for many websites. It is also available for Premium and Business accounts too.

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