Whatsapp now comes with two step verification

Whatsapp is now revealed with a two step verification process for all the users. The company rolled out the update and revealed through an updated FAQ on Whatsapp website. The improved security makes the users to go a security process to protect your account. The protections proceeds with a 6-digit pass code in registration process of your phone number with Whatsapp. This security can protect your account from other unauthorized users. This makes a upgraded security from other users from ones private account.

When the application is attempted for the verification process of your phone number, it will require the 6-digit pass code as the company says. Along with this pass code security, the application also comes up with a recovery email address. But this process seems optional. If the pass code you have entered is forgotten or unaware of it, a link is emailed to the specified address and that link will disable the two step verification process and allows you to access your account. The email address has to be specified clearly so that the recovery option does not make any problem for the user.

As the company makes the users to remember their password by asking the password to be re-entered in a periodical time. This makes the users to remember the password on time for every time the user enters the password. There isn’t any option to disable this process, if the two step process is enabled. Whatsapp also includes additional steps to make your account safe. When the two step verification process is enabled, the re-verification of the number is not permitted within 7 days of last usage without pass code. After 7 days the re-verification is permitted without pass code, but the pending messages which has to be received or delivered will be lost as upon re-verifying.

After 30 days, the re-verification process without the pass code makes the account to be deleted and creates a new one after re-verification. This feature can be chosen from Settings –> Account –> Two-step verification –> Enable options on the application.

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