WhatsApp to provide in-app support for YouTube

According to WABetainfo, Whatsapp is testing out a new feature(yet to be available) that lets you to watch Youtube videos while chatting with your friends.

Normally, A click on the Youtube link in present versions of Whatsapp redirects us to the Youtube App that takes over the screen. We can’t reply to our chats without stopping or pausing the video. It forces us to switch between the apps in order to chat and watch the video simultaneously. It has been pretty much annoying for a long time.

feature illustration- Whatsapp

Whatsapp decides to put an end to this complexity with its new update. It enables us to watch the videos in picture-in-picture mode that can be expandable and fit to full-screen. We can resize the mode by pinching on the video. Also features like dragging and hiding the picture-in-picture mode are available for the betterment of chatting.


And the picture-in-picture mode will vanish if you change the chat. The implementation of this feature will lead us to watch videos using its direct link only. There’ll be no need for navigating between the apps. Finally this feature can be a pleasure to us.

Another information states that this feature is actually compatible with iphones 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+,7 ,7+ only, because of its bigger screen size. Though it is a developing process, additional features can come in surprise.

And the development of the feature is designed to iOS only.There is no information on developing this feature for Android and Windows.

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GokulPrasath Seenivasan

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