Ubuntu is now available on Windows Store for download

Microsoft has announced previously that Ubuntu will be heading to Windows Store soon. The release is official now, you can get it at Windows store. To get the it, you have to sign-up for Windows Insider program. Along with it, the SUSE Linux and Fedora seems to be hitting the store soon.  It will run as a sandbox on Windows 10. It also offers a standard command line as a standalone installation. This gives access to files and hardware available on Windows 10. You can get it from Windows Store for download. It seems to be a Linux subsystem available for Windows 10.

To get it from Windows Store, users have to get to the Control Panel. On hitting Control Panel select “Turn Windows features on or off” menu. On selecting this option you will be able to see “Windows Subsystem for Linux” available. Select that option and it will allow Ubuntu after performing a reboot .

How to get Ubuntu from Windows Store

  • Make sure that you have signed up for Windows Insider Program
  • To sign-up, open “Settings” select “Update & Security” and then “Windows Insider Program.”
  • Enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux” using the command “Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux” from administrator PowerShell window.
  • Restart your PC.

Now download the Ubuntu distro from Windows Store. After downloading from Windows Store, you can launch from “Start Menu” or from “CMD”. Microsoft has also mentioned that they are working for SUSE Linux and Fedora too. The work is on near completion. The users will be able to get it soon from Windows Store. You can also download multiple distros from Windows Store and they will run on an isolated environment. These distros will not interfere with each other. Ubuntu on Windows may not run all the application available on Ubuntu, but the development is underprogress.

You can download Ubuntu from here!

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