Ubuntu 17.10 release schedule and features

Ubuntu revealed their release schedule for the next version. The Ubuntu 17.04 was named as Zesty Zapus, but this version has been named a little different. The new version of Ubuntu named as Artful Aardvark as previously hinted.  Canonical has revealed the release schedule for Ubuntu 17.10 sector completely. This operating system seems to be available from October 19, 2017. Along with the release schedule some features is also mentioned with the schedule plan. The code name for the operating system seems to be a initiative for upcoming versions.  The release schedule is completely revealed and the final version of the operating system will be available from  October 19, 2017.

Release Schedule for Ubuntu 17.10

  • Alpha 1 for opt-in flavors — June 29th
  • Alpha 2 for opt-in flavors — July 27th
  • Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze — August 24th
  • Beta 1 for opt-in flavors — August 31st
  • Final Beta — September 28th
  • Kernel Freeze — October 5th
  • Final Freeze, Release Candidate — October 12th
  • Final Release Ubuntu 17.10 — October 19th

Ubuntu makes a timely planned scheduled for the release of final product. The development progress makes the complete schedule for the release. As the development progress is complete the product will be on floor. Operating system may have some more unspecified features along with this too. The schedule plan indicated the development progress is on full stretch.

New features of Ubuntu 17.10

  • Linux kernel 4.13 or kernel 4.14
  • Mozilla Thunderbird might not be default email client
  • Better hardware support
  • New Ubuntu Server installer
  • Wayland display server by default
  • GNOME will be default desktop (probably GNOME 3.26)
  • Ubuntu GNOME won’t be a separate flavor

This features make some of the rough and random ideas of the new version of Ubuntu 17.10. The upcoming updates will be added up on the site as received from Ubuntu. The new features seems to be flexible and varying as the features is not confirmed yet.

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