Tesla solar roof – Attractive solar that powers your home!

Tesla is making revolution over the technology nowadays with the Tesla cars, SpaceX, Solar city and more. Now, They have unveiled the Tesla solar roof, claiming that it would be cheaper than the traditional roofs. It has an astonishing outlook that would definitely be decorating your roof while powering your home.

tesla solar roof



Infinite warranty is one of the features from tesla roof, making it unique and efficient. Yes, The Tesla Website states that the glass solar tiles are so durable to live forever or upto the lifespan of your house. It was made with tempered glass to grab the durability, they added.


tesla solar roof tile dimension

In order to reduce the typical tile look, the tiles were made with two types of glass tiles, Solar tile and non-solar tile. Also the invisible solar cells gives a normal look to the viewers from the street. And the roof connects with a reliable Powerwall battery that gives you uninterrupted electricity.

tesla solar roof tile dimension2

The Powerwall battery comes with supporting hardwares and Tesla recommends the usage of every Solar Roof with the installation of the battery. It preserves power for grid outage periods. The roof installation comes with the materials of solar tiles and costs the removal of old tiles.

Furthermore, the solar tiles comes with 30 years warranty for power and weatherization. Probably it can outlive the warranty with the help of its features. It comes with the hail rating of a class 4 FM 4473 , wind rating with class F ASTM D3161 abd the fire rating of a class A UL 790. The glass coated with the standards of ASTM C1376 and EN1096. The above warranties and ratings valid to united states only.

Finally the Tesla solar roof installations will take place in June starting with California and expanding to additional markets. Also the process of installation will begin based on the time of order placement.

GokulPrasath Seenivasan

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