Sony Xperia touchscreen Projector

Projector that turns any flat surface into a touchscreen

The Sony Xperia touchscreen projector is an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a touchscreen. It is launched in the MWC and it was first previewed as an experimental concept in SXSW last year. The projector can transform walls, tables, floors into a smartphone like touchscreen. It is simply like a smart phone and we can project it anywhere.

Sony Xperia touchscreen projector

It can turn a flat surface into a 23-inch High definition touchscreen. It able to detect movements of the clicks and swipes using the infrared lights and built-in camera. The camera works at 60 frames per second so the interface will be smooth and fast.It is a consumer device that can be used for video streaming, education, gaming, browsing and communication.

Sony Xperia touchscreen projector

However, The Sony Xperia Touch projector may also have applications in the design and architecture industries, where the augmented reality devices like the Microsoft HoloLense are already in use. Unlike the HoloLens,The Xperia touch projector creates a two dimensional screen and it has the benefits of freeing headsets. Based on the user preference it can project either horizontal or vertical display.

Sony Xperia touchscreen projector

The projector runs in android operating system so you can enjoy the full android apps from the google play store downloads. Sony also envisages the unique projection, touch capability and sensor architecture will provide developers with an entirely new platform on which to create and build.


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