Run your Android apps on Linux using Anbox

Anbox is a new open source project which runs the Android apps on Ubuntu Operating system. Simon Fels debuted the pre release of Anbox environment last week. He said that they have been working since 2015 to develop an Android environment for Linux. He also stated that “It was born out of the idea of putting Android into a simple container based on LXC and bridging relevant parts over to the host operating system while not allowing any access to real hardware or user data” in an online post. As there were some user interface problems but now it seems to be solved and ready to work with said by Fels.

This is not an emulator but also includes additional Kernel modules. The interface also requires a root access. The Anbox seems to be the best Android interface environment for Linux machine. The version is now ready for use. The Linux users can run their Android apps on Linux machine. As many attempts have been done on Anbox to succeed with, “By making it possible to run mobile apps on a PC, you get to tap that rich application ecosystem,” said by Al Gillen, group vice president for software development and open source at IDC. He also added that “This is in effect a virtualization and/or emulation system to provide an Android-like runtime environment for mobile apps.”

This platform will also make the developers to increase the use of content in Linux environment. The use of applications will also be increased by the Linux users. Peter Christy, research director at 451 Research said that “Android applications, I think, are intended to run on smartphones — and I don’t think many people use Linux in that kind of form factor.”  The platform makes the Android environment is isolated from the host using namespaces in Linux.

To know the installation process click here.

The Anbox can be installed in Ubuntu 16.04 using terminal. The following command has to be used to proceed with the platform  “sudo snap install –classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer”.

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