A palm sized RIF6 projector for mobile devices

RIF6 is a small projector which is designed for mobile devices. The RIF6 projector displays a screen of 120 inches which transforms as vivid display. It can be projected any where as required. The size of the RIF6 projector is 2 inch and cubed in shape. The projector is so portable which completely fits in the hands palm.The projector makes a playback of 20,000 hours continuously. The size orientation is of 2x2x2 inches which is so small  and completely fits in the hands. It can be carried out anywhere as needed. The projector is made up of light weight aluminium which weighs around 0.3 pounds. The light weight projector displays a 12 inch vivid screen of great quality exposure.

The connection of RIF6 projector towards the mobile devices makes a great gaming exposure. The projector can also be connected with laptops and PCs as portable. The Micro SD storage slot is provided for the instant transmission of files to be viewed in the projector. The projector comes with a flexible tripod for stable projection. It also has remote control functioning and comes with HDMI cable and Micro USB cable. The box contains a charger for instant go with the projector.

Technical specifications of RIF6 projector


Light Source    –   LED (RGB)

Resolution       –   854 x 480 (WVGA)

Image Size       –   120″/304cm

Video Input     –   Micro SD, MHL & HDMI

Brightness        –   Full 50 Lumen

Throw Ratio     –  1.99:1 (dist/width)

LED Bulb Life  –  20,000 hours

Dimensions      –   2″ x 2″ x 1.9″

Contrast            –   1000:1

Distortion         –  < 1.0%

Uniformity       –   > 85%

Focus                 –   Manual

Speaker             –   Built-in

Weight               –    0.30 lbs/136g

The RIF6 projector has MHL Cable to 5 pin for Android and MHL Cable to 11 pin for Samsung. The projector costs $299.00 which makes a handy vivid display at this price. The projector is portable and can be taken up on the go anywhere for its use. It projects a clear screen of 12 inches for better working environment with detailed functioning on mobile phones and tablets. The mini projector gives a cinematic experience that comes anywhere with us.

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