The rumor price factor for Xbox’s Project Scorpio revealed

Microsoft has revealed the interesting specifications of Xbox’s Project Scorpio console, the question with everyone is the price factor about the product. How much it would cost for an impressive product from Microsoft. As the official announcement for the Xbox’s Project Scorpio will be made on E3 June 2017. But one of the Spanish retailer has leaked the price factor the product. The Spanish website XtraLife has listed the price factor for Project Scorpio as €399.99. If the listing seems to be accurate and correct the price will be around €399.99  over side. Though the Online retailers make a unspecified pricing for the product and it seems to be legible.

Microsoft has not revealed the pricing details for the Xbox’s Project Scorpio yet. This rumor mill makes something relatively identifiable price listing for the product. The news is not official yet only a consideration state has been made yet. As the gamer’s should take as piece of thought in pricing of the product. As the price factor is not official, but if the price seems to be true the product will give a great shock for gaming industry. As it has more powerful processor and great ability to stream games in 4K resolution. If Microsoft is able to give the product at this pricing point, the company seems to have a great impact in this product. As everyone has to wait for the official confirmation about the pricing sector of the product. The product will be available on holiday season.

Xbox’s Project Scorpio Specifications


The CPU is powered with Eight-core of 2.3GHz processor.


The product is packed with powerful GPU of 40 compute units at 1172MHz.


It has a memory of 12GB GDDR5 (shared between system and GPU).


The internal storage capacity of the product is 1TB.


It reads UHD Blu-ray player.


The bandwitdht of the product is 326GB/s.

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