Play your PS4 games on your PC using PlayStation Now

Now the PC gamers can play the PlayStation 4 games on PC using PlayStation Now. Sony made a confirmation that all PlayStation 4 games are coming to PlayStation Now cloud service gaming.  The users have to pay an initial fee for subscription to the PlayStation Now and can access the streaming. The users can play the PS 4 games on PC by streaming. An initial price has been set up for the access of streaming in PC as far. The various sections of games will be available in the stream sector and the users will be able to play the games on PC. A package of 450 games are available for subscription. But yet the PS 3 games are not available for the users on streaming.

An additional subscription along with package of 450 games are coming this year. This includes subscription for PS4 games alone with old package. The price for the subscription costs around $15 to $20 which makes an affordable subscription for gamers. The complete sector will be available by this year as announced by Sony company. Sony provides sufficient data-centres for the installation of games. The users does not need to install the games on their console as the server streaming will be provided. A video feed like structure will be provided for the gamers.

As the games are highly graphical and consumes more space, the company has to derive more powerful data-centres. In processing with PS 4 games the data consumption will be huge and necessary powerful machines has to be arranged by the company. As Sony did not make any official announcement for the list of games to be available for PlayStation Now. The expected games for the streaming can be God of War, Infamous and other Sony’s official games. This makes an interesting deal as the users can access the data-centres of gamers across the world.

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