Opera Reborn – a look on enhanced future web browser

Opera was started as a research project in 1994 at the largest Norwegian telecommunications company, Telenor. Later in 1995 it has began to grow as a separate company named Opera software ASA and it has become one of the finest third party browsers. Now opera released an enhanced desktop web browser ‘Opera Reborn’, first of its kind.

Opera Reborn

First of all we should know about the Opera neon, an experimental web browser released earlier in this year. It gives a sight of an enhanced browser and it’s features. One of its aspiring capabilities is to shift between web browsing and our own chat box. It makes ease of having conversations while exploring new contents.


With the motive of bringing those features to opera, The reborn was designed. It makes us visualize the future web browsing aspects. In order to have better performance, it sends the video to the Graphics Processing Unit to decode on windows. It results in the lower battery usage for videos, higher frame rate and higher resolution. For the improvement of user interface, They designed sophisticated icons with elegant glimpse of animations on the UI with updated high quality design layout. More high defined themes are designed to satisfy the users.

opera reborn dark light theme


Opera reborn lets us to chat with our friends through messengers and to browse the web simultaneously. Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram messengers are embedded with the browser which provides two ways of access, Either one can use with overlay or pin with current tab on the side. Users can use shortcuts to cycle through the messengers.(Ctrl + Shift + m on Windows/Linux, ⌘ + ⇧ + m on mac OS)

Opera reborn multitasking

In order to have secure transactions, it provides in-form warnings when credentials are typed in non HTTPS pages. And improved Ad-blockers comes with Easylist and Easyprivacy turned on by default providing control over the block list management with a toggle to turn on/off the Ad-blocker.Users can manage regional and custom lists via the “Manage lists” option.

Read the official blog here

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