Oculus glove shown off by Mark Zuckerberg

Oculus glove

It is a facebook owned VR company. Mark Zuckerberg Shows off the prototype for virtual reality glove in the research lab in Redmond, Washington. The chief scientist Michael Abrash led the team of that virtual reality glove. It is new way to control the virtual reality with our hands through the gloves, you can draw, type, and play games like shooting, fighting and all. In the above image Zuckerberg trying the web shooter like spiderman in the virtual reality. It’s just like an input method the Nintendo Power Glove users will know.

The glove position is sensed using the optitrack prime 17W cameras rather than using built-in optitrack sensors this could cost less to test the glove than fixing the cameras. They previously used the pebbles interface the hand tracking system which is a developed technology used in VR gloves. The gloves and the oculus rift headset connection is wireless.

This VR glove will help you to spread through the current entertainment, business and enterprise with reality. The engineers are experimenting the Oculus glove for more reality in the virtual world that the games having infinite space the hand should be free in the space so the glove position tracking should be freehand tracking for that the engineers installing the optitrack sensors in the Oculus glove.


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