Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro

Microsoft didn’t make the name of the new laptop as Surface Pro 2-in-1 as insisted in Shanghai event. Instead the company released the product as “The New Surface Pro”, and no version number has been indicated on the product. The new Surface Pro makes an impressive design with many refinements to consider with. The new Surface Pro seems to be unnumbered and the users have to take more consideration on its design and specifications as of older version. The new laptop seems to be most versatile and stylish in design. Microsoft has made one of the best product on laptop as of previous Surface Pro.

Surface Pro 3 made one of the biggest success on Microsoft product. Panos Panay used Surface Pro 3 as the launchpad to introduce Microsoft’s new Surface products. The Surface Pro 4 also took the same model as the previous version but the new Surface Pro makes the complete redesign in product. The company has made some of the best considerations on the design for the product and bringing out a handy versatile laptop. Microsoft took the attention of devices on its design, and still the New Surface Pro makes most prominent design. The laptop weighs around  770 g and seems to be so smooth and seamless on touch.

The curvy edges makes the stylish design and vents are removed. One of the biggest change in design is the laptop can fold-back of around  165-degrees to the maximum. Microsoft names this feature as “StudioMode.” More considerably the specifications are upgraded on high resource. It will be designed with 7th generation Intel processors. It also packs up with LTE-A support on the laptop. The New Surface Pro comes with New Surface Pen as the partner for 2-in-1 usage.

The pricing starts at $799.99 as the variation takes up in specification. You pre-order the laptop according to the specifications needed here

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