Microsoft makes a new Metro UI as Fluent Design for Windows

Microsoft has unveiled its new Fluent Design user interface for Windows at Microsoft Build conference. This concept was previously hinted as Project Neon. The company has been testing loads of changes and updates on Windows 10 for months. Now the company has officially revealed the new updates which will be arriving later this year. The new update and the concept seems to be interesting and impressive in design. All this seems that the Windows 10 will have a huge update this year.

Microsoft includes some of the most legible changes on this Fluent design along with the part of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Some changes like blur effects is included in the update, which was previously seem in Windows Vista. The Design will make Microsoft to push towards success on Microsoft’s Metro design. This will also appear on apps and services on Windows, iOS, and Android.

The company seems to be planning to implement these changes as soon as possible. Some changes are already available on some new updates in Windows 10. The design changes with some more additional updates will be available soon from Microsoft as the updates are revealed.  Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore demonstrated the Fluent Design at Microsoft Build conference and said that ” You’re going to see Fluent Design show up in the Windows shell, in our apps, and across devices.”The company is making changes on all devices it seems. They are also focusing on light, depth, scale and motion concepts for the Fluent Design update. The user interface makes some of the most interesting and impressive concepts to be known on the update. The design seems to be the most flexible and completely redesigned. The company is working on the Fluent Design to be implemented on various devices with lot of updates.

The company has also released a video describing the Fluent Design.

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