Microsoft is testing out a Google like Bing search engine

Microsoft is trying out a lot of testing in search engine to bring out the best search results. Sometimes the changes may end up forgotten for about months and even sometimes a year too. This analysis made out a complete acceptable frame and this change would be a worth on talking about. As on like older tests the changes seems to be appeared on some of the browsers or PC. Some users experienced a couple of changes that were available in Bing. It seems like the logo shading and header background is changed a little bit as to the prior.

The new design seems to have a redesigned header section on search engine page. The Bing logo gets a soft shadow new design available near to the search bar. The header section completely gains a new background with grey color. The magnifying glass indicating the search button is updated with null background rather than the precious as green background.

This seems to be a new Fluent Design and may be the company is still working on it. Microsoft seems to be working much on bringing out the Fluent Design to the web and PC. This concept seems to be a start towards the Fluent Design. Bing makes out some new feel than its previous appearance. All it matters up on the quick search results available on the search of web in the search engine. Though Bing might bring out the search results as quick on searching now it seems. This seems to be internationally a same search engine available across the world rather as its prior. The concept of the new Bing seems to a little good, but all it matters up on the real quick search results available. The providence of quick results makes the role of search engine.

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