Microsoft teases the next version of HoloLens as v3 not v2

Microsoft has made the first version HoloLens prototype as it was named as version 1. This was very expensive and innovative prototype as produced. The next version of HoloLens, which will be more convenient and suitable for public will be released as version 3 instead of version 2. Microsoft has not made any count miss, as the company makes giant development in the product towards the upgrade. The specific upgrade makes the suitable version as v3. This is made as the popularity in market seem less towards the product.

As the sources reveal some complex information about the product and make some of the huge variations in next version of HoloLens. As on one side the company has cancelled the version 2. As its not meant to be cancelling, the company has just skipped the version 2 and directly proceeded to version 3. The next version of the product seems to be not available until 2019. It makes a common process of developing a new product as with version 1, which makes a sequence and evolutionary. The difference in version 2 and version 3 specifies that a complete new upgrade will be updated on the product as skipping the next version.

The version describes as more fine and updated product as compared to version 2, which seems to be a final upgrade of the product developed. If it happens, the v3 of HoloLens will be completely different from the product version 1. The company seems to be taken a complete next step for the product. The market should make place to the new upgrade of the product as by the users. Microsoft seems to be making confidential move towards the new upgrade of the product and it will make a leap mark in the industry. The other industries have to catch up with this for further process of their product. The process is under construction and we have to wait for the upgrade to be seen.

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