High Sierra, The next version of Apple macOS

The next big update from Apple is macOS High Sierra. The OS makes some major changes and updates and does not make a big talk. The new OS makes a complete refinements of new technologies for your Mac and will experience a new user interface for next few years. The new system makes something interesting to look about. Much concerning on particular apps makes the OS a sensible to take up with. For a photographer, the Photos app will make a huge update with its most powerful editing tool. Notes, Spotlight, and Siri, Mail, Safari are also much better on High Sierra.

The changes seems to be happening inside the floor it seems. Even if it seems unnoticed the changes will make a great update on the OS for future. The Public Beta for High Sierra is available now. You can install it today.

Some major changes on High Sierra


The new updated Mail app will save some space on the Mac’s hard drive. The Mail app will compress all of your messages that it stores. As Apple says that this will result in 35 percent less space as compared previously. Another important feature on Mail app is that it will filter the much opened mail and result it out on the top. The preferences of the important contact makes the availability of mail on top notch. This makes an easy access for the user to go with frequent mail.


Apple has made a great update on Safari, as the auto-playing videos and other unwanted ad stuffs can be made unavailable as on the user preference. The idea seems to be so effective as the user makes the changes, the process is followed as quickly. Another great feature on Safari is intelligent tracking prevention. Apple browser will use machine learning to find out the unwanted advertisers and will remove the undesirable stuffs and redirecting to other websites. Safari is also holds up with much privacy controls on Mac’s camera, location, microphone, and notifications.


The Siri assistant is getting more natural voice as of its also coming to iOS 11. Its response on music requests shows up a improved results. Specifying the music with genre or mood, Siri can play accordingly to user choice.


The major notable change and update received is Photos app. Every user attention is focused on this particular app on High Sierra. The photo editing makes a huge stuff and considerable on this update. The side bar of the Photos app will have library content of your photos and recent syncing on cloud storage. The side bar shows up library, Memories, Live Photos, and albums. The photos can be viewed on the media type and finally it supports GIF format too. The edit view is completely changed and for finer adjustments selective color can also be specifically modified on particular object. A new “Compare” button show the difference between before and after editing. Apple makes the memories feature a much smarter. The Photos will support new file format to save space while shooting images and video on a device running iOS 11. A much more new updates are available on Photos app.



Notes can be pinned anywhere as teh important notes can be made the top on list. Tables can be added on the Notes app. The search results shows up with the highlighted content on the word searched.


The flight status can be tracked using Spotlight. It will display whether the arrival is on time its path, duration, and the key departure / arrival terminal.

Improved iCloud file sharing

The files saved in iCloud Drive can be shared with other users for collaborative work. The files will be visible as of the recent changes made by the actual user. The third-party apps can also work on iCloud Drive it seems.

New Touch bar Functions

The touch bar available on MacBook Pros will have a great response on High Sierra. To mute the audio, you can double tap the volume button. Swiping to adjust the display brightness and volume makes much easier with faster response in time.


Apple brought out supporting the 4K video to High Sierra. The HEVC will enable video streaming and playback of 4K content. All Macs will het the software support for HEV, but the hardware changes will make a great response in streaming.

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