Google’s new “Project Treble” will make direct updates on Android for every device

The devices manufactured with Android platform should be able to get updates from Google without the manufacturers access. Everyone wishes to get updated with the latest version of Android on their devices. Google has revealed that the users will have the updates directly from Google without the intervention of the manufacturers. Google announced that they are bringing the concept into reality with “Project Treble.” The Project Treble team lead Iliyan Malchev says that this concept will be initiated with a starting of Android O on all devices. This concept takes the collapsed vision of Android framework and brings out the fixed controversies.

The image shows up the concept of Project Treble that the difference on how updates are revealed from vendors and Google. Google also shows how vendors work on updates for the devices and how it has to be needed to go with.  Treble head Iliyan Malchev says that ” With a stable vendor interface providing access to the hardware-specific parts of Android, device makers can choose to deliver a new Android release to consumers by just updating the Android OS framework without any additional work required from the silicon manufacturers.” With this concept Google will be able to deliver a lot more to Android OS on devices.

Iliyan Malchev also stated that “Android was unveiled in 2007 as a free, open-source mobile operating system. From the beginning, we intended Android to be scaled across a variety of manufacturers. We knew that consistency of API was important for developers, so we created a compatibility program for the Developer API specified by the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and its associated Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), now comprising over a million tests.” He also adds up the efficiency of open source platform as ” The result today is that app developers can write a single app that works across over a billion devices running on different hardware from different manufacturers. Project Treble aims to do what CTS did for apps, for the Android OS framework.”  Everything seems to be great and the devices will have updates on latest version of Android one the PRoject Treble goes on floor.

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