Google is making VR180 degree camera for easy line of capturing VR video

Google has made announcements that capturing VR content would easier now with new VR180 camera. The camera will bring out the virtual reality video format with high resolution. The video will focus on the content which is in-front the user. The company make sure that anyone can shoot VR video with new VR180 camera with desirable format. This makes a clear concept of shooting VR videos with a point and shoot camera. The concept is a collaboration between YouTube and Google’s Daydream VR division. The product will be revealed as a new concept of cameras from Yi, Lenovo, and LG, and also with considerable partners of VR180 certification standards.

The VR180 camera makes a video of standard 180 degree not on 360 degree. The recording seems to be surrounded towards the user as the user may facing towards front. The user may turn around 180 degrees to completely view the content. The videos can be recorded in 3D virtual reality of 180 degrees. They can be viewed through Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR headset or Daydream. The user can shoot videos of 180 degrees with VR180 certification. Google’s Daydream crew is working on this concept with the companies like  Yi, Lenovo, and LG. The product is expected to be released by this winter. The price seems to as normal as the pointed cameras.


The VR180 camera will have  two wide-angle lenses which will shoot the video of about 180 degrees in stereoscopic mode. The film can be shot in 180 degrees of wide angle which can be a set of new experience to the user. The team is currently working to make a product as innovative on camera. Anyone can record a video of 180 degrees angle with VR180 cameras and can share it on YouTube. The product is under construction with multiple companies on the go. As it is expected by this winter.

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