Google unveils Android O with new best features

Google has unveiled the developer preview for the next version of Android Operating system. The features grabs the view towards the new OS. Even if you are not a developer you have to check it out the new features. The impressive features may arrive to your phones soon. Google released the next version of Android as Android O on Tuesday. The company has released the developer version of the new operating system. Some interesting features of the new version of Android are ease of notifications control,promising battery life, and more. These features are unveiled but does not seems to be guaranteed ones.



Android O brings out the video playback while interacting with another app. This feature was available on iPad now it is on smartphones. This feature will be available with video apps like Netflix and HBO Now.

Wide gamut colour

This feature brings out the best display for smartphones. This feature gives out the greater colour enhancement on displays in every smartphones.

Snooze Notifications

Android O gives an option for snoozing the notifications for a particular time as 15-30 mins. The feature can be enabled by just sliding the notifications.

Battery life

This feature steals the view towards the OS completely. The OS will manage the working of apps in background for improved battery performance.

Autofill system wide

The autofill option is available if you use any security or password manager app. The user can select the particular password manager app for the autofill feature.

Notifications channel

All the notifications that are available can be grouped and channelled out. The notifications can be categorized on a particular topics.

HiFi Bluetooth audio

With Android O high quality audio can be streamed via Bluetooth. This gives the clear transmission of audio seamlessly.

Keyboard shortcuts

For Android tablet the operating system gives support for developers to make shortcuts for easier use of physical keyboard.

More in-depth many features are yet to be revealed in future. The official name of the Android “O” has yet to be revealed. The expectations seems to be named as Oreo for “O”. Still more guess for “O”?

You can download the developer preview from here.

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