Google rolls out Daydream VR for Chrome in Android

Google has launched the next update for Chrome in Android devices, which comes with Daydream VR in the browser. The users who want to see the webpages in VR will have a Daydream VR experience in specified formatted webpages. This gives a Virtual Reality experience and can be viewed through Chrome browser. There were discussions in viewing a webpage in Virtual Reality as of WebVR, now it all comes up with Daydream concept which explores the WebVR technology. This technology comes up on JavaScript API.

WebVR is developed for Android which can be accessed through Google’s Web browser.  It is an JavaScript API available for Chrome web browser and the user can have WebVR in specified format. The smartphone sensors are connected to the web browser as a process by Script. As the sensors are accessed, the web browser can able to move the images and give the sound compilation in the direction of the smartphone position. This makes the user to go with WebVR on any position as of the device gets moved.

The smartphone accepts the process of the system and allows it. It is visualized and accessed with Daydream headset. This gives the complete VR experience in smartphones. This is the starting process of WebVR from Google. Google also says that the support for other headsets will also be available as soon as possible in future. In support with PC for WebVR headsets like HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift is available. For mobile VR headsets Google Cardboard makes a simple way to access.

Sketchfab VR showcase. showcase gives a VR experience on web pages with variety of 3D scenes available on various categories. This gives a best choice of search for WebVR as of now to experience with Daydream VR headset. Google also gives the VR experience as Google Product Blog which wil give you some VR visual. The update will be available on Google Play app store.


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