Google releases Backup and Sync desktop app for Windows and Mac

Google releases the new Backup and Sync desktop app for Windows and Mac. The app seems to be released last month, it was delayed and now its officially available form Google. The users can sync any data like videos and photos from cameras, SD cards, USB drives. By syncing these file the users will not have storage issues on the portable devices. This makes the users to backup their files easily to Google Drive. Instead of making the files to stuck in one place, the Google Back and Sync app will now retrieve the files to desktop PCs as easily.

By backing up these files will help the users to protect their files. As these files are available in Google Drive and Google Photos the files seems to be secured and protected. The consumer users will have a better security option as if the files are available on Google Drive and Google Photos. The users can back up their files from desktop to Google Drive and can retrieve as per the needs. As the application is available only for consumer users as for individual, the business users has to wait for something more. Google Drive will backup everything as needed and the users can take it on the go.

The business users of G Suite are suggested to use the Google Drive, as the business based solution for the users will arrive later this year. The solution may be called as Drive File Stream from Google for business users. The business people can also sign up Drive File Stream’s early adopter program for advanced take up on the source. Google just made a statement as “Just choose the folders you want to back up, and we’ll take care of the rest” on the new app. The Google Backup and Sync app is available on Google Drive and Google Photos for download.

Click here to download the app

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