Google Play gives out store credit to their users

If you are a Android user go and check on the Google Play Store right now, you may find something like you have special offer waiting for you. Google Play is giving out some credit to their users. This seems to be a surprise for the users. As it is not available for all the users, only some the users may be getting it. And also the credit is not much to take with. The question is how much credit will be available? If you are a lucky user you will get  a $1 credit to use it the Store. If you are in the number among the lucky ones, you will be surprisingly rewarded with the credit.

A single dollar does not make a much amount today. But some apps are available at a rate of 99 cents, so this single dollar will make you to get it. The credit does not make a huge but plays a sensible role on Google Play Store. You can also put forward on in-app purchases too. This will help to get through the apps you already use. Spending this credit does not limit the apps and games though. More than apps and games you can use the credit among all the content on Google Play Store. The credit can also make movies, books, or music available on the Store. You can use the credit for cheap movie rents, or you can also save the credit for booking future reference. You can also have books with price cut available.

All at-last Google does not care up on how you spend the credit you got. All it wants it to spend it in anyway on Google Play Store. The lucky users who received the credit on Google Play will have to spend it before September 14. Check out the Store if you got some credit as lucky.

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