Offline search for Android users from Google

Google has launched the offline search for Android users which was officially rolled out as an update. The company was planing and seems to be testing the feature since last month. The new feature records the keywords that people use to search it, and the page or the result for the particular search gets loaded when the device is connected to the internet. The search page gets prepared and once the search page is opened, the Manage search option contains all the saved keyword. This makes the users to search or get to know the information on the go. As the network connectivity is enabled the users can search the particular word from the saved word history.

Offline search


The new offline feature was explained by Shekha  Sharad, product manager, Google. He stated that “will deliver your results as soon as a connection is available—so you can keep searching with a single tap.”  By tapping the keyword which was saved the results are loaded when the device is connected to internet. The users may also tap any of the keywords that has been saved without any order. The feature seems to be optional as if the users don’t want to use the data in the background after connection. Google also denotes that the internet consumption and low battery will be very less in the background.

The search card on the Google app will be of two sections. The first will keep search as per the users interest such as entertainment, sports, etc,. The second section provides the users about the personal needs such as appointments, timings, sessions etc,. Every time the news feed section gets altered according to the users search history in this feature. The dash board can also be altered according to the users necessity on the search process.

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