Google Maps can filter the best time for travelling

Google adds up a new feature to Google Maps, that it filters out the best time to travel. This indicates the current traffic sensation and gives up the best timing to travel. The new feature is available on Google Maps for Android users. When the user puts up the direction to travel this feature comes out as a pop up. As Google Maps will show the estimated time and distance for travelling, now it will show up a new bar graph. The bar graph will indicate the relative time to take the travel. The bar graph will also indicate the traffic survey with Red Yellow, Green colors. The new feature will indicate the estimated time forĀ half hour earlier and for next few hours

The feature seems to be a better option for the travelers who are planing for particular trip on time. But taking up with current scenario it doesn’t give a routed time. It also seems to be a little harder to tell about the time saved if the user had traveled half an hour earlier. This feature makes an sensible information for the users who are planning for future trip.

The users who are planning for a new trip can analyze the traffic sensation, and can proceed with the best time to go with. The time analysis will give a better data for users who plan their trip for future. The traffic data seems to be sensed by previously available data on traffic for particular area. The timing on traffic process will make a better way to choose for the trip. This new feature is currently rolling out for Google Maps on Android. There is no information yet for the iOS users. The take up timing for the users will give a better travel time to choose for the trip.

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