Google’s new low code App builder

Google developed the new app builder for business called App maker it is recommended for G suit and it is a low code app builder it is a cloud based IDE with the features (built in templates, drag and drop User interface, point and click data modeling) the app builder has some popular standards like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Google material design visual framework and some other features of G suit. App maker is integrated with the G suit you can bind the G suit applications with your apps. You can build an app easily in this app maker the interface, data modeling and bindings are very easy in this app builder.

The advantage of the App maker is Google argues it is a server less one so there is no need to worry about the under laying infrastructure and it help us to develop the apps quickly for our basic needs for that we don’t need a developer. For deep developers the built in scripting editor provide the full featured IDE for the developers. Security is a important one the App maker provide full security to your apps you don’t need to worry about that and Google announced that they added some new enterprise application that integrated well with the G suit applications and it is tested for security vulnerabilities so the apps are tested for the security before it is deployed to the user. their new partners are Virtru,Freshdesk,Zoho,Lumapps,Docusign, Xero and Asana

To try App maker it is now available through Google’s Early adopter program for G suit business customers.


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