Google Lens – Your smartphone camera as its smarter version.

On today’s Google I/O’17 developer conference, Google’s Sundar pichai publicized Google Lens, a technology that can make your smartphone camera smarter. Google brought this technology on the table to improvise the computer vision and AI concept to further levels. Also google explained that the camera will help to take any actions regarding the object/scene seen through the lens.

google lens detailing a flower

Google Lens

There was a demonstration displayed about the Google Lens’ working. They made a smartphone camera stare at a flower, and it identified the flower and displayed the details of the flower within seconds. Followed by next sample, Analyzing an image of a storefront, Google Lens revealed about its name, rating and other information.

An another illustration explained that a camera can do more than displaying details of an object. The camera can make your phone connected with your home’s Wi-Fi by simply staring at the router’s stickers. Here, it recognizes the network’s name and password, then provides both options of button-to-connect and automatic connection with the home network.

Google lens analuzing connecting phone to wifi


Google Home demonstration

Google Home demonstration clarified about the integration of Google Lens into Google Assistant. The assistant enables¬†users to launch the lens with a button and to load an image to analyze. It also¬†manages your calendar. To show this on screen, Scott Huffman, Vice president of Google Assistant, holds his camera up to an event poster and it displays the information. With an “Add this to my calendar” from Huffman, it actually adds.

It really rocks in the translation section also. Holding up to a Japanese text, Google Lens was asked what does that said, Google Assistant translates the text as it is.

Finally, Sundar pichai described the lens’ way of enhancing and neatening photos. It automatically enhances low-quality pictures and makes it blur-free. A picture taken behind the fence and contains a game shot through the fence, The fence was removed effortlessly.

Google didn’t announced about releasing time of the all good Google lens. They simply satisfies us with a word “soon”.



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