Google introduces new certification program for Mobile site developers

Google has launched a certification program for Mobile site developers. The certification course covers completely from basics what and how matters on mobile site to improvement of speed mobile site completely. It also covers up with effective UX design and  more advanced topics as progressive web apps. As Google states that the clearing of examination for a developer  should have, “a demonstrated ability to build and optimize high-quality sites, and allows you to promote yourself as a Google accredited mobile site developer.”

More of the content focuses on the development of site speed improvement. As Google also indicates that most of the site visitors in mobile would get frustrated if the site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. Though the average time for mobile landing page is 22 seconds obviously. This course makes a worth take out though it does not particularly focuses on Android, iOS  or some other operating system. It completely describes r Google’s own Accelerated Mobile Pages project. One of the most important consideration for a website is loading time. If it seems to be delayed up the user may not even load the site completely and the ads may not be clicked off to for improper load. The course mostly covers on this concept for the developers. The speeding up of the website load time in mobile platform.

It also joins up with Google’s partner program similar to AdWords and Analytics. Though it is a Google’s project, most of the companies are supporting for the course. The course seems to be valuable as it is offered by Google. It completely teaches out how to monetize your Mobile website. The attractiveness for the users and more importantly complete structure on design and development. The course is not completely based on one platform, it is obviously applicable to any platform. As the developers can proceed to take up with the course from any platform.

To proceed with certification program click here

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