Google Drive will start making an back up of PCs and Macs

As the cloud storage makes a quite comfortable way for the users to get access on files on the go, Google made the cloud storage concept a bit interesting. Google is making a new expansion on the cloud storage on Google Drive. It comes up with all the customers not as with enterprise. Box was the first to expand the Box drive cloud storage for the users as now comes with Google. The Google Drive will have an Backup and sync tool which will make the user to entirely backup selected folders with Google Drive. The users of Windows and macOS can backup their selected folders on the drive.This makes an easy process for the users to backup entirely.

The Google Drive seems to be working as a systematic process on access of files. Every files you upload is stored on cloud storage and the access is granted to the particular user on basis of permissions. Though it seems to be a local storage but its actually not, it simple makes a local copy of the particular files or folder. The Google drive makes the necessary access and authorization as easy. The user can particularly select the folders to get sync with the drive. Google keeps them in sync always on the drive. It is a concept of cloud backup  available on the go. The space availability and access of files made easier with this.

The Backup and Sync tool is set to be launched from June 28th. This does not make a standalone software, its just a piece update the users will receive. It will also make an Google Photos desktop uploader so the interaction makes two or three different pieces of software. Google is making this feature to be available with regular consumers as the enterprise customers has to wait for something big on update.

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