Fitbit unveils new Ionic smartwatch, impressive to take up

FItbit announced a new smartwatch, which makes a sensible Ionic smartwatch. The new smartwatch has all of the functionality as of other smartwatches. This makes a pretty impressive device for smartwatch users. Apart from the release the question is, whether the users will buy it?

Apart from smartwatch business the company seems to be splashing something different nowadays. As only the smartwatch take up do not make a complete level. The launch from the company seems to be a greater content for the product. The Ionic smartwatch will have more fitness-focused features. The users will get access to Fitbit Coach and an automatic running companion. The necessary instructions will be provided by the GPS capabilities available on the device.

The Ionic smartwatch will have a better heart rate tracking which gives out the pure pulse rate. Fitbit concentrates more on the fitness criteria, as the device will have Sp02 sensor. This sensor allows the user to track blood oxygen levels. The tracking helps out in things like sleep apnea in the future. As for now the apps are limited for the smartwatch. Its because the product doesn’t seems to be running on OS like Android Wear. Instead it runs on FitBit OS, as the apps will completely available on Fitbit app Gallery.

The app gallery seems to have a limited number of apps, but almost it started up with Pandora, Starbucks, Strava, and AccuWeather. Much more apps are expected after the official release. Fitbit says that this is the ‘strongest and lightest GPS watch” they have made. The smartwatch is powered with a 4 day battery life, the result may vary as per the usage.

The pricetag for the device comes up with  $299.95, a little more than other products. The pre-order is available on Fitbit Official Website. It will be available on the online retailer by tomorrow.

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