Facebook messenger gets updated with Mention and Reaction emojis

Chatting with friends on Facebook made a bit interesting on Messenger. Facebook introduces Reactions and Mentions on Messenger.  Previously the company was testing these features in Vietnam. Now it is officially rolled out on Messenger.

To notify your messages to your friends on Facebook, you can simply use @name and mention with it. This brings out the flow of group chat participation with everyone. Simply by denoting the name the user will get an notification about the chat and can join the thread. It is easy to mention the name, simply by typing “@” followed by the specific name you can mention the user. The notification alert is sent to the person who was mentioned.

Another interesting update by Facebook is, the Reactions available on Facebook is brought up to Messenger too. You can now just reply by various categorized smiley such as  love, smile, wow, sad, angry, thumbs-up or thumbs-down emojis. You can now reply with the reactions to a specific messages. This will make the user to simply express the feeling to the particular message available. To reply with reactions tap and hold on the message available. A popup appears with available reactions and you can select one from that. In a group message various reaction may be available. To see the user information for a reaction, just tap on the counter to see the info. It is available on both one-to-one chat and group chat.

Additional of Thumbs-down reaction comes up in the list. It is similar to dislike option available on chat. Facebook names it as “No reaction” for that smiley. This makes an easy way to represent the particular reaction for a chat in both group and one-to-one. The list of threads will be available and you can particularly react to the selected person in Messenger.

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