eBay to add image based search on its mobile app

we all have faced an inconvenience that knowing a furniture or a thing that caught our eye, but failed finding it on e-shopping applications. Now e-Bay have introduced two new features named Image search and Find It On eBay, which lets us shop by searching with pictures instead of words.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are doing many roles in our day to day life nowadays. Thanks to that, now eBay provides a better user interface to satisfy us. So, with these features we can find any item using its image only. We don’t have to remember the name of any item anymore. As the result of the image search eBay will show exact items or related to the image.

Image search

So all of us have some images of our desired items yet to buy. This is the time to unpack it from our photo gallery. All it takes to be entered on the search bar on the e-Bay app with the option to crop the exact item on the picture. Then you will be served with list of the exact items that you search for, or related to the ones.

eBay image search

Find It On eBay

So here is the another feature that provides a way to shop on any social platform like Instagram or Pinterest. You can find your desired items on the platforms through “Find it now” option on your phone via eBay icon. After sharing the picture with e-Bay, one can shop the item in it’s search results. Cropping option is available through this method also.

Find it On eBay

Finally officials stated that “Find It On eBay and Image Search will be available this Fall. At the time of launch, Image Search will be supported on both Android and iOS and Find It On eBay on Android”.

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