Bose’s new Revolve and Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers makes a 360-degree audio enhacement

Bose has launched a new Bluetooth speaker recently. The speaker looks cylindrical in design and coated with aluminium. The company has launched two different models as SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+. The speakers seems to play a 360-degree audio with high definition. The company promises that the users will have a great listening experience from this product. Bose has also mentioned that the Revolve+ is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker it has ever produced. Compared with SoundLink Mini II the audio quality seems to be higher. If the sound seems to be great compared with the SoundLink Mini II then this must be the strongest Bluetooth speaker.

Both the products comes in two color variations  black and silver. The looks seems to be promisingly good and impressive in design. The differences between the two speakers are size and battery life. The Revolve comes up with the size of 6 inches tall and  the Revolve+ is 7.2 inches. The diameter for Revolve+ seems to be larger and has a non-removable fabric handle for easy carrying. The company says that the bigger dimensions make the product to give a “higher-volume, more room-filling sound than SoundLink Revolve.” The running time duration of Revolve is 12 hours and the Revolve+ seems to run up for 16 hours. The wireless speakers seems to provide a great audio content for the user and can get quietly satisfied with the output.

The speaker has a built in microphone which can be used for speaker phone call option by enabling the multi-function button. It will also enable the “Siri” or “Google assistant” as per the user preference on phone. Both the speakers are water resistant and can play audio in rain too. The device also comes up with NFC to pair up with Android users. The speakers have a  3.5mm auxiliary jack incase if want to go with wired contact. The speakers can be charged with MicroUSB cable. The SoundLink Revolve costs $199 and Revolve+ costs $299.

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