Bitmoji widgets for chat shortcuts in Snapchat

As Instagram and Whatsapp comes up with similar features to Snapchat as like stories in apps. Snapchat is now improving the private messages with Bitmoji widgets. The Widgets can be used as shortcuts in desktop or homescreen. The widgets can be also denoted with name of specific person and can be stored in homescreen. An instant chat can be processed with your friend anytime. Instead of searching the names in the thread and processing with chat, users can create a Bitmoji with their friends name and can start a chat instantly. With personalized avatars and Bitmoji’s the user can configure their friends name and can save it as widget on homescreen. By clicking on the widget the user can start the chat with their friends.




The Snapchat first tested this feature on Android Beta and processed out. Now the feature has been officially revealed in both Android and iOS. It was released as an update in the app to both operating systems. For creating specialized avatars as look like users the Snapchat bought the Bitmoji forĀ $64.2 million on March 2016. Now the Bitmoji can be used as an widget for a particular person by denoting the same avatar as similar to that person. The widget can be placed on homescreen and an instant chat can be processed.

For Android, just tap and hold the empty space of your home screen and select widget option. The list of available widgets will appear, select Snapchat widget and place it on the home screen anywhere you want. As to process with iOS the widgets can be added by swiping right from the homescreen to Today screen. The existing widgets will be available over there. Just scroll down to edit and add Snapchat Bitmoji’s for your friends and best friends. A unique avatar can be placed for your friends by interconnecting with you friends who have created their own avatars. Tapping on the widget you can start your chat with them.

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