The best features of Android O

The Google I/O 2017 has been over, the company has released some the most impressive features and updates on Android O. Though it doesn’t seem to be a giant software update, but some makes the sensible one. After the release of second developer preview, Android O brings out some of the new features along with many improvements. It also holds up with some of the considerable performance efficiency updates available. These updates on the next version of Android makes a considerable change with precisely more impressive. Some features adds up the whole new level of upgrade on the OS.


By signing in with devices like Nexus or Pixel, the user can try for Android O with the Beta program. The concept makes the use of Android O on the floor and its the user choice to risk on the beta program. Some of the notable features are available and the upcoming features will be updates soon on this blog.

Picture-in-picture video

A floating video options is available in Android O which makes the task completed on board. Android is getting a proper update on this feature, making task such as floating video concept.

Notification Improvements

Android O is getting a huge update on notification area for user convenience. Some of the good plays are

  • Snooze notifications.
  • Categorize notifications with Notification Channel.
  • Differentiate notification with background colors.
  • Notification badges/dots for unread notifications.
  • Messaging notifications for applications.

Android Go

The Android Go seems to be the lightweight version of Android. This gives a improved performance on devices with various optimizations.

Speed and power improvements

Improvements on battery and performance makes one of the considerable updates on Android. Some of the features comes in Android O are

  • Faster boot on devices.
  • Background execution limits for apps

New Emoji

Android O comes up with various new Emojis with updated iconic improvements on floor.

Autofill for Apps

For apps that access personal credentials of the user is made up with autofill fillings. Such as credit-card or transaction credentials within apps posibly made with autofill option.

New icon design

The new version of Android makes the most adaptive icon design with variety of shapes as squares, circles, and squircles. This is processed with two  two layers, a background and foreground. It also comes up with animation effects as pulse, bounce, or parallax on design.

Multi-Display Support

The apps can be moved from one panel to another and can specify an active display run. This gives the multi display support for OS substantially.

Bluetooth 5 Support

The OS comes with a full new support of Bluetooth 5.0 spec on all its spec. This makes the connectivity even stronger and faster on Bluetooth.


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