Apple’s Augmented Reality ARKit Software makes quite impressive

As Apple announced a tool known as ARKit, which will provide augmented reality capabilities on iOS. This makes a stable motion tracking and as the objects seems to be available in space as of simple hovering over it. This tool seems to be out for a week ago and everyone taking it as a game changer on development. The interface makes an user-friendly appearance with Apple’s great count. The new technology is available on iOS 11 and makes a complete refinements on previous augmented reality tech. The technology seems to be a impressive and interesting to check out with as the demo at WWDC made a show stealer.

Apple showed some implements on augmented reality using ARKit. The user can map a flat surface as table and can place the coffee cup on it as completely digital. The user takes out the realistic perspective of an object in reality. The size variations can also be altered as per the users view. This is processed as drawing the information from iPhone and iPad’s using sensors and cameras.

As the user can also make much more complex experiences on the go. Sir Peter Jackson’s studio Wingnut AR made a complex landscape in augmented reality in Unreal Engine. The ARKit supports the scene and  demo is supposed to be released as a game later this year.

Tim Cook  said that Apple although had a low profile in the augmented reality space last year and the company seems to be investing on it. This concept brings out the huge from company as on investment. Apple is also catching up with the competitor Google, who is making out the best augmented reality platform. But as from Google it will be available for limited devices, while Apple makes the ARKit concept to be available on all iOS devices and it will be the largest AR platform in the world.



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