Apple releases premium Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones with W1 Bluetooth chip

To all the music lovers, its a great news. Apple launches a new wireless headphones from its Beats by Dr. Dre subsidiary. The new headphones called as “Beats Studio3 Wireless are unique in way of expressing the sound. The product comes out with some new technology and special features built in.

Beats by Dr. Dre stated that “Beats Studio3 Wireless brings to market the remarkably unique Pure ANC. This groundbreaking new technology uses advanced algorithms to continuously monitor your listening environment, so that it can best block out ambient noise — not only on an airplane, but also in a noisy café or a busy office. Pure ANC also evaluates fit and adjusts for leakage caused by hair, glasses, different ear shapes and movement of your head as you go about the day.”

The company also further added that “Additionally, Pure ANC simultaneously checks what you’re hearing while noise canceling is applied against the original music content to adjust and ensure optimal audio fidelity. What’s remarkable is that Pure ANC’s real-time audio calibration operates up to 50,000 times a second. All of this is happening automatically while still achieving a 22-hour battery life, which is only possible with the power and efficiency of the Apple W1 chip”

The new Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones comes with Apple W1 chip as available on  Apple AirPods manufactured by Apple. This product gives a high quality audio experience for the users. As similar to Apple AirPods the new Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones can used for pairing with Apple products.

Tech Specs of Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones

  • Height: 7.2 in / 184 cm, Weight: 9.17 oz / 260 g
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and Charge via Micro-USB cable
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC) and On-Board Call and Music Controls.

The new Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones as $349.95. You can also buy the product on official site of Apple and Beats.

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