Apple releases iOS 10.3 with new features

Apple released iOS 10.3 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The update comes with some new features along with bugs fixed. It also comes up with new feature called “Find My AirPods,”which is available in Find My iPhone App. The update comes with some general fixes, WiFi calling for Verizon customers etc,.The purpose of new feature is to help the users to find their wireless headphones form the device. The app seems to be available on Find My iPhone app, so the users can find their wireless headphones.

A stronger encryption update for the iOS has been made from Apple. It comes with a new file system update as Apple File System(APFS) in iOS 10.3. Instead of HFS+, the new file system could push the apps to 64 bit encryption process. This will speed up the processor and response time for the user. This makes an important feature in the updates available in iOS 10.3. The general fixations makes the respose time of the apps a bit quicker. The fixes seems to make the apps transition much faster in new update.

Other than this update Apple has also made the access of your account in new Apple ID profile section made easier. The usage of cloud storage is also indicated with a new feature available in iCloud settings. It gives a complete usage details of cloud storage and its information. The update also makes the developers to respond to the App Store reviews. This was the first time Apple makes the developers to respond the reviews and discuss for further improvement in development.

For Verizon users who would like to have WiFi calling wont have to enable anything. For iCloud users the feature will be automatically enabled as for Verizon access. When the signal for Verizon becomes weak, the device will automatically change to WiFi. This gives a stronger connection for the users as when the signal is low. You can get your update from iTunes or Air.

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