Apple launches a How-to-series on photography for “How to shoot on iPhone 7”

Apple has delivered the most impressive camera on iPhone 7 with many features built in. The iPhone camera makes one of the best product on photography for consumers. The user may capture the pro-level photos and videos with various features and effects. Apple has released a series of guidelines for the photography to make it even more better capturing. The mobile photography made even more interesting with these new guidelines. The instructions makes a clear view of how to shoot with iPhone 7’s camera in time.

Every instruction video describes a short guidelines with effective move for photography. The video seems to be short, but covers the quality content with exact steps needed for photography. The duration seems to be a minute long with full of interesting guidelines. The guidelines includes topics such as portrait photography including the iPhone 7 Plus’s nifty depth-of-field feature. It also covers with various photo modes altering, exposure control and much more. These guidelines makes the best of photography ideas to be shot with an iPhone 7.

The company has released a total of 5 videos on its official YouTube page and also some guidelines on its website as “How to Shoot“. It includes 16 guidelines for making the best of photography on iPhone 7. It also covers with topics such as  “How to shoot a backlit subject,” “How to edit a selfie,” “How to shoot a sunset silhouette,” “How to shoot during golden hour,” and “How to shoot a one-handed selfie.”

If you have much interest photography and owning an iPhone 7, these guidelines will make the best instructional options to know how to shoot oh iPhone 7. These instructional videos will cover everything about capturing on iPhone 7. These instructions will make the user to know about the camera options available on the smartphone. With more interests on photography it will grab you with many ideas on photography.

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