Apple gives iWork apps and iLife apps for free

Apple has made one the best update for several apps and making it to be available for free. As an update for the iWork apps and iLife apps, the iOS and Mac users can now get the apps for free from the store. Some of the digitization works can be now done with these apps by all the users for free. The apps iMovie, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, and GarageBand are listed as free in App store. As previously these apps were not accessible to all the users for free. The users who have bought the new version of Mac or iOS device as supported were only free. But now Apple has rolled out a new update today by removing the price list for all these apps and the users can get it for free.

As the customers who has previously bought the new version of Mac and iOS devices can have the apps free as before. The supporting devices needs to be updates as per the apps requirements and needs. The price drop information will be added shortly to all apps as for all the devices. Since 2013 Apple has been offering these iWork apps and iLife apps for free to the users who bought new Mac and iOS devices. But now the company has made iWork apps and iLife apps to be available for free to all users.



You can download these apps for free from app store as available. Apple will soon update the information for all the devices. Now the iWork apps and iLife apps are seems to be free and the basic digitization and other kife process functions can be done with these apps. The users with old Apple devices can also download the latest version of the iWork apps and iLife apps for free.

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