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After updating Google Play Store on your Android smartphone, you might have noticed something different on My apps section of Google Play Store. The My apps section is the area where you will make the updates of the apps and search down for the previously used apps for re-installation. Now the My apps section has been redesigned and modified with easier use of access of the apps. It makes a efficient way to make use of necessary storage. The new update also gives more information on apps that to switch over for various section to get updated. Google has finally made a complete figuring out of managing apps for the people who don’t like to continuously check for upgrades.


This update is seems to be available now on Play Store and you don’t have to wait for the next version of Android to get updated with these features. The icon sizes has been remodeled in the section The show case of the contents are completely structured and easily accessible to the user. The user has to check inside the apps to update as individually or the user has to go for update all option. This was previously available in Play Store My apps section. Now the updated sector gives something easily accessible. The user can update the apps from My apps section individually. The icons seems to be visualized better and compact.

The apps can be particularly updated by tapping on update near the apps available. The updates information also makes sensible, which makes the user to know when the apps got updated. The size of the updates is mentioned. The users who use cellular data can find as useful on updating the apps in Play Store. Along with this update Google has also made some classification of the apps that is available. The My apps section is classified as

Updates– Specifies the updates for the apps.

Installed– Shows the installed apps on the device.

Library– Displays the complete apps that has been used and not installed.

Beta– Displays the beta version.

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