Android Go is the lightweight Android OS for cheap smartphones

Around 2 billion mobile devices runs on Android platform. Google is now planning to improve the functioning of the Android OS on devices that come with low specifications. To implement this concept on the go, Google has launched a new project called Android Go. The Android Go seems to be the lightweight version of Android. The new project is expected to be released along with the next version of Android. The new project Android Go will have an optimizes apps and Play Store for the users.

Google analyzed the devices with very low specifications and users having limited connectivity. To go with these devices Google has launched the new project. The Android Go can run on devices  with less than 1GB of memory. The Play Store as optimized that it will highlight apps only for those devices. The size of the apps seems to be less than 10 MB and will work well when the device is not powered with internet. The Chrome will also consume less amount of data on the device. More than this the apps seems to be so optimized with various features. The YouTube Go is the new optimized version of YouTube app. This app has a feature like you can select the quality of the video before you would like to play it. You can also have a look at the video before loading it.

This kind of features was only available on YouTube Red, but it was only available at US alone. Now Google is planning to implement the Android Go on every country across the world. The user can also share videos with friends using peer-to-peer transfers. The smart move from Google makes a quite brilliant way of equipping the cheap and low quality smartphones with optimized Android to go with. This makes the user to have a better access to the smartphone.

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