Galaxy Note 10 may not have a front camera

The rumor suggests that the next version of the Samsung Galaxy Note will have camera embedded in its stylus and attached to its body. What makes the company to make this design as to take off the front camera from the display to put it on a stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked pictures were out a week before, as the camera for front is placed in a stylus available at the end of the S Pen. The company made a patent with this design as like the infinity O design available in the S10. Bringing out the final product from the patented design is the absolute delivery of the design. As it rumored for this design of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, may be we need to wait for the launch from the company for specs and details.

Coming to the rear camera, the design packs with a quad camera setup with 4x lenses high power camera. As usual the first three cameras makes a wide-angle and standard prototype. The fourth camera may be rumored as a 3D scanning ToF sensor camera. Which might process a Augmented Reality future division for the users.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was a unique new design from Samsung with a punch hole camera setup and edging display. May be the company will also be focusing on making a new design for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Lets wait for the launch and see.