Renders of Pixel 4 gets a huge response

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL was released last year which had a mixed responses for the design. As per the leaked news, a mid range Pixel will be hitting the market soon probably called as Pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL. Still there is no official news from Google about the mid-range Pixel models, yet the hype seems to be leveling up consistently. But all these information doesn’t stop the plot discussion about upcoming Premium Pixel phones. Some of the renders and sketches of the Pixel 4 shown on internet which made a huge response for the renders.

The Pixel 4 design renders makes a similar look as like the Galaxy S10 series phones. Not exactly as same as the Galaxy S10 series but partially the same on design. The punch hole camera design with a single and dual camera setup on front, the unavailable finger-print scanner suggests the device might have an in-display finger-print sensor. These design looks makes somewhat similar to the Galaxy S10 series, and will make undoubtedly a smashing competitor for Galaxy S10 series. The Pixel fans bring out a happy response on the design appeared for the rumor Pixel 4.

Some mixed up rections were also plotted as the design was not unique, but most of the responses were alongside of the design. Google concerns about the new and upcoming technology, which makes the company adopting towards the futuristic technologies. Ofcourse the renders show a dual camera setup on front and back, and hinted with a 4 GB of RAM for a premium phone from Google. Though this renders are not official, but still looks beautiful comparatively. The oficial desgin and specs will be shown up on the launch.