Stadia, a cloud gaming service by Google

Google launches Stadia, a cloud gaming service at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai says that he plays FIFA 19 sometimes and introduces a cloud gaming service Stadia on a special keynote at GDC. He described the service as a platform for everyone which will be available on all types of devices. The games will be streamed from the cloud to Chrome browser, Chrome cast, and Pixel devices.

The Stadia will be available soon in 2019 at US, Canada, UK, and Europe. The former executive of Sony and Microsoft joins along with Sundar Pichai on launching the Stadia. Phil Harrison, former executive of Sony says that Google will amplify this gaming service using YouTube. The first game tested publicly using Google’s service was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the test was completed in January. Google wont stop with single game as the streaming, as Stadia makes playing games as easy without any installation process.

Google launches new Stadia Controller which will power and give access to the game streaming service. It seems to be a cross model of Xbox and PS4 controller, and it will be connected through Wi-Fi using Stadia service for accessing the games. Users can also capture clips and share it on YouTube too.

Google is making a huge infrastructure for data centers to stream the games seamlessly around the as possible. A 4K of 60 fps will be supported by Google during the release of Stadia and the company is also planning 8K with 120 fps of streaming in future. The Stadia comes with a built int Google Assistant via Google Stadia Controller. The devices seems to be the display and the data centers are the consoles. There is download time or no load time as the system can work instantly quick.

The system will be launching near future and the pricing details will be announced on the launch. USA and Asia is likely to have first use of this system following with other countries.