Google Maps gets AR navigation.

Google Maps rolls out it’s beta version with Augmented Reality Navigation Feature to selected Google local guides as a phase of testing.

At I/O’18 Demo

In May, Google has shown a demo of Augmented Reality powered GPS concept at I/O ’18 event. As paving the way to their goal, Google has released a preview version of Google maps with this feature.David pierce of The Wall Street Journal was the first one to give it a go.

As looking into this feature, AR Mode is added to guide you to through any unfamiliarized city. It requires to have a look around you, And opens camera app, then leads your way with overlaying arrows on your device display . A Normal version of Maps is also added in screen bottom for more reference.

Google Maps prompts you to put your device at ease to avoid crashing into someone by looking at the display all the time.

It is believed that it gets added safety and other features to make this app more effective.