4 moths free trail for new users on Google Play Music

Previously Google has offered a free trail of Google Play Music for three months. Now to board on more customers Google offers four month free trail on users who newly signed up for the service. After the duration of 4 months gets over the user has to pay $9.99 per month to keep using it. The extension of one month trial period makes more new users to get through it.

Google Play Music gives access to over 35 million songs of built in library. It is the users choice to listen to them online or download them on device. The Google Play Music service is available on both Android devices and PCs. The user can also upload up-to 50,000 songs of their choice, which makes the user to choose according to their activities or mood held on. The service also makes the user to create a custom playlist and makes recommendations on music. The recommendations seems to be based on the music taste or previously listened tracks as suggestions. This makes the user to easily discover tracks as per liking.

The Google Play Music also suggests with loads of music as per artists and genre based on users view. The user can easily scroll up and select the tracks from the recommendations and suggestions available. The trial period duration is for four months where the user can easily go up with the application. After the trial period expires Google will charge with $9.99 per month for the service. Google will take the charges from the credit card to continue with the service. It is up-to user choice on selection with the service after trial period. The new user can sign up for the service to get a free trial of 4 months duration. Make your confirmations status on your subscription if you don’t want to use it after the free trial expires.

You can sign-up for Google Play Music here.

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